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A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. In this article, we discuss New Year’s resolutions, and why it can be challenging to keep these resolutions (and resolutions generally).

Given this, a survey* was conducted that asked the question as to whether a person thought that they would keep the New Year’s resolutions that they had recently made.

Here are the results of the survey, broken down into groups:
Millennials. 93% said yes, and 7% said no.
Generation Xers. 91% said yes, and 9% said no.
Baby Boomers. 84% said yes, and 16% said no.

However, when taking a closer look at the results from other related surveys (the below table), it would appear that some of us may be continuously rolling over our New Year’s resolutions from one year to the next.

Top New Year’s Resolutions Across The Years *
Be a better personEat healthierDiet or eat healthier
Lose weightGet more exerciseExercise more
Exercise moreSave more moneyLose weight
Spend less money, save moreFocus on self-careSave more and spend less
Improve healthRead moreLearn a new skill or hobby
Eat healthierMake new friendsQuit smoking
Stop smokingLearn a new skillRead more
Get a better jobGet a new jobFind another job
Increase family timeTake up a new hobbyDrink less alcohol
Enjoy lifeI don’t plan on making resolutionsSpend more time with family/friends
* Statista survey(s) conducted on the U.S. population, which may not be representative of the AUS population.

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